US-Korea Conference

The UKC is a very unique conference, not easily peered by any professional conferences because it is a truly multi-disciplinary conference. Read More

KSEA Scholarship

To recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in the United States with Korean heritage who excel in academics as well as in services to the community, and have demonstrated a potential to become future leaders of the society. Read More


Mathematics and Science are very important in our technological and scientific age. Proficiency in mathematics or science is the gateway to jobs and careers of all kinds. We hope that by offering NMSC, we can challenge and inspire all students who want to learn more mathematics and science matters. Read More

2014 KSEA Awards Nomination Announcement

KSEA is pleased to announce annual awards that recognize and honor members who have made outstanding contributions to KSEA.  Read More


Ygnite, this year's theme for the Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference (YGTLC), is the flagship event for Korean-American young professionals and students in science and engineering from across the country. Read More

Professional Development Workshop

 The goal of ProDeW is to provide a professional career development service, which is consistent, systematic, and practically useful for junior Korean-American scientists and engineers ranging from postdoctoral researchers to junior level professionals. Read More


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UKC 2013 Photos