Your Membership Status

  • Please update your address if changed and pay your membership dues if overdue.
  • Your membership dues support your chapter.
  • Call KSEA (or email to database@ksea.org) for spelling of your name and your ID if in doubt.


Membership Dues

  • Fiscal Year: July 1 - June 30
  • Regular Members: $35
  • Graduate Students: $15
  • Undergraduate Students: No Membership Fee
  • International/Korea Residents: $35


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Member Benefits

  • Strictly limited to active members only (dues paid at least once within recent two administrations).


Other Materials

  • KSEA Membership Letter and Form
  • KSEA Membership Flyer
  • KSEA Coporate Membership Flyer
  • KSEA Coporate Membership Application Form