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2018 KSEA Honors Announcement

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2018 KSEA Honors Announcement

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) is pleased to accept nominations for 2018 Distinguished Service Membership (DSM), Distinguished Sponsor Membership (DSpM) and Honorary Membership (HM) to recognize those who have contributed exemplarily to KSEA with


Application Period: From January 15, 2018, to March 1, 2018


Fill out the nomination form together with the KSEA Service-Point Table available at http://hac.ksea.org.
One may nominate himself or herself. To be considered favorably, the total service points earned by a nominee should be greater than 100 for DSM, and the sum of his/her age and total service points should be greater than 100 for HM. A substantial financial contribution is required for DSpM.

Evaluation Procedure

Honors & Awards Committee (HAC) will evaluate the nominated candidates and recommend the finalists to the Executive Committee (EC). The EC will approve the recommended DSpM and HM. The EC will confirm the recommended DSMs and present them to the KSEA Council for approval. The finalists will be notified via email by June 30, 2018.


The DSM, DSpMand HM awardees will receive KSEA certificates while additional KSEA Gold Medals will be bestowed on the DSM awardees. Membership dues are waived for Distinguished Service and Honorary members. It is noted that there is no voting right for non-paid members.

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