The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) have been hosting the Young Generation Forum (YGF) by bringing young Korean Heritage scientists and engineers from all over the world to Korea.

  • Who is qualified to attend this 2009 YGF?

1)KSEA members only. To join KSEA membership, contact at
2)USA citizens or residents (evidence required.)
3)Born after 1975.
4)Science, Engineering, or Technology related majors
5)Undergraduate juniors to post-doc, no professionals.
6)English communication should not be a problem.
7)1.5 or 2nd generations

  • Who is not qualified to attend this YGF 2009?

1)F-1 students
2)Students who already attended 2002-2008 YGF
3)A student who is not a junior, senior, master, Ph.D., or post-doc.

?What benefits?
1)All expenses for this event are supported if you are accepted.
2)Airfare for economy class is supported by the maximum amount – East: $1,400, Middle: $1,300, and West: $1,100. But, all receipts need to be submitted.

  • Application Period: March 1, 2009 ? March 31, 2009 500 PM (Pacific Time, 1 month)
  • Notification date: By April 20, 2009
  • Past & Current YGF web site: http://www.ygf.or.kr/ (Microsoft IE web browser is preferred.)

Application Documents:
1)A PDF/Word version of the application form with a personal statement

2)A PDF/Word version of your resume must include your:

  • KSEA student or regular member ID and local chapter name.
  • Relationships/contributions with local chapters if you have any.
  • Birth date that shows you were born in 1975 or after.
  • High school education diploma that shows you are 1.5 or 2nd generation.

3)A PDF/Word version of the following that proves

  • You are a USA citizen or resident (a copy of USA passport or green card) but, please block the social security number when you scan the passport or green card.

4)A PDF/Word version of your official or unofficial school transcript must show that:
You are a student majoring in Science, Engineering, or Technology related area.
You are currently a junior, senior, master, or PhD student.
If you are a post-doc student, you must show your current contract of your position.