YGTLC 2010 in Washington D.C., January 8-10, 2010

Dear KSEA Young Generation members,

Fall is here and next year′s YGTLC is just around the corner! The YGTLC organizing committee is calling for all leadership and technical presentations or articles by young professionals, academics, and students.

The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) presents:
The Sixth Annual Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference (YGTLC) in Washington D.C.
“A Bright Future through Innovation and Leadership”

Where: Fairview Park Marriott Hotel, Falls Church, VA
When: January 8 – 10, 2010 (Friday-Sunday)

Visit our YGTLC website for more information at http://yg.ksea.org.
Email your questions to ygksea@gmail.com.

ABOUT: The YGTLC brings together promising Korean-American Scientists and Engineers together for a 3 day event with: talks from distinguished industry and academic leaders, presentations on research and innovations, career development sessions, networking opportunities and team-building exercises. The mission of the conference is to provide a forum for, and an opportunity to, promote the careers and lives of the participants.

THEME: This years′ theme “A Bright Future through Innovation and Leadership” focuses on a positive approach to dealing with the economic downturn. The YGTLC aims to emphasize that there is still opportunity and avenues for growth in today′s economy, which requires an eye on innovation and leadership to take advantage of them.

SUPPORT: The conference funds its accepted applicants through
* FREE LODGING AND MEALS are provided for all active participants.
* TRAVEL STIPEND (airfare up to $175 from the West Coast, $150 from the Midwest, and $125 from the East Coast, or ground mileage reimbursement) also given to all active participants.
* AWARDS AND PRIZES up to $100 will be given to outstanding presentations and articles.

APPLY: Application instructions and forms are available on our website at http://yg.ksea.org/ygtlc2010/apply and are due in mid-October, 2009.

Don′t miss out on an incredible experience to expand your network, further develop your career, and learn about some of the hottest areas of science and technology. We look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.!

Tom Oh and Benjamin Lee
YGTLC 2010 Conference Chair/Co-Chair , KSEA YG Directors 1 & 2

P.S. Here are answers to a few questions we′ve received in the past.

1) “I don′t have any research to present, can I still apply?”

YES! We understand that some young professionals can′t present what they do at work or some undergraduate students may not be involved in research so there are many other avenues of participation, some of which are:
* Mentoring
* Career and leadership presentation
* Personal essay
* KSEA student chapter president or local chapter YG representative
* Survey paper of emerging research
For more information see the downloadable Application Form at http://yg.ksea.org/ygtlc2010/apply.

2) “I′m no longer a student. What′s the age limit? Can I still apply?”

YES! You can still apply and there is no age limit. We expect this year to have over 100 highly-motivated participants in their 30s and 20s. We encourage and welcome ALL professionals and academics as well as graduate and senior/junior college students that demonstrate interest in issues related to 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean-American scientists and engineers. One of the goals of YGTLC and KSEA is to maintain and grow young generation participation as you transition from school to the workplace.

3) Are there program events specific for young professionals?

YES! We would like to emphasize that the diverse program events at YGTLC cater to young professionals and students. Some of last year′s program included:
* Career workshops such as “Investment Fundamentals,” “Dale Carnegie′s Developing Personal Leadership,” and “Interview Principles and Practice.”
* Networking fair topics such as “Industry Culture and Career Advancement,” “Starting Up a Company,” “Considering an MBA,” “Considering a Professorship/PostDoc,” and “Starting/Leading a KSEA Student Chapter.”
* Technical sessions such as “Engineering,” “Bioengineering,” “Cellular and Microbiology,” and “Science and Society.”
Check out our publicity video highlighting the Program events at http://yg.ksea.org/ygtlc2010/media.