Announcement of 2010 KSEA and KUSCO-KSEA Scholarship Winners

The KSEA scholarship committee received high number of applications with best qualified applicants, totaled 160 applications. Among them, the committee finalized 19 KSEA undergraduate scholarship(listed in Table I) and 2 Essay winners listed in Table II and 15 KUSCO-KSEA graduate scholarship winners in Table III.

The scholarship award ceremony will be held at KSEA headquarters in Vienna, VA on May 22, 2010 for undergraduate recipients. Dr. Yoon Soo Park presents his named scholarship of Yoon Soo Park Named Scholarship for this initial year and KSEA Scholarships and other named Scholarships will be given by Dr. Chueng-Ryong Ji, KSEA President. For undergraduate winners who can not attend the ceremony, the certificates and awards ($1,000 scholarship or $500 essay award) will be presented by their corresponding chapters or sent to them directly from the KSEA HQ office.

The graduate scholarship recipients will get their awards ($1,500 scholarship and a certificate) at a ceremony during UKC2010 which will be held in Seattle, WA on August 11-15, 2010. Several hundreds of scientists and engineers from the U.S. and Korea are expected to attend the ceremony. Additionally, partial travel expenses will be reimbursed by the UKC program, announced for all speakers. All 16 recipients are expected to present their papers at UKC2010.

The scholarship committee sends congratulations to all of award winners.

I. 2010 KSEA Named Scholarship Recipients (Total: 19)

No ApplicationID First Name Last Name School Name Major Scholarship Name?
1 1208 Sohyun Park Georgia Institute of Technology Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Shoon Kyung Kim Scholarship
2 1174 Daniel Choi Yale University Chemistry Inyong Ham Scholarship
3 1168 Jae Young Han UT-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions Molecular Genetic Technology Nam Sook & Je Hyun Kim Scholarship
4 1194 Jingyu Lee Illinois Institute of Technology Architectural Engineering Hyundai Scholarship
5 1224 Daehwan Jung University of Texas at Dallas Electrical Engineering Hyundai Scholarship
6 1205 Ah Rume (Julie) Park University of Chicago Biology Chunghi Hong Park Scholarship
7 1235 Duk kyu Park The unversity of Texas at Dallas E.E Chunghi Hong Park Scholarship
8 1167 Alex Chung The University of Texas at Austin Neurobiology SeAh-Haiam Scholarship
9 1264 Suk Lee University of Texas At Austin Biochemistry Yohan & Rumie Cho Scholarship
10 1234 Matthew Cho Rice University Biochemistry and Cell Biology SeAh-Haiam Scholarship?
11 1283 Byung Joon Park Johns Hopkins University Molecular and Cellular Biology Wan-Kyoo Cho Scholarship
12 1255 Brian Kim Northwestern University Electrical Engineering Changkiu Riew & Hyunsoo Kim Scholarship
13 1311 Yoon-Ah Jo University of Virginia Biology Yoon Soo Park Scholarship
14 1229 Aaron Sohn University of Texas at Austin Human Biology KSEA Scholarship
15 1285 Joy Kim University of Washington Computer Science KSEA Scholarship
16 1219 David Shin Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering KSEA Scholarship
17 1289 Na Lim Heo Hawai”i Pacific University Nursing KSEA Scholarship
18 1291 Sung-Hye Kim University of Louisville Biology KSEA Scholarship
19 1320 Seungtack Baek University of Texas at Dallas Computer Engineering KSEA Scholarship

II. 2010 KSEA Undergraduate Essay Award Recipients (Total: 2)

No ApplicationID First Name Last Name School Name Major Scholarship Name?
1 1300 Jae Moon University of Houston Architecture Essay Award
2 1248 Megan Yoo University of California, Irvine Chemical (Environmental) Engineering Essay Award

III. 2010 KUSCO-KSEA Graduate Scholarship Recipients (Total: 15)

No ApplicationID First Name Last Name School Name Major Scholarship Name?
1 1306 Kyung-Hak Choi The University of Texas at Dallas Electrical Engineering GR Scholarship
2 1302 Ho Seop Eom The University of Iowa Chemical and Biochemical Engineering GR Scholarship
3 1272 KA YEON JEONG North Carolina State University Horticultural Science GR Scholarship
4 1278 Jina Hong The University of Texas at Austin Nutritional Sciences GR Scholarship
5 1252 Sang Ho Kim University of Minnesota Electrical Engineering GR Scholarship
6 1290 Heuijoon Park Columbia University Stem cell and Cancer biology GR Scholarship
7 1179 Jong-Ha Lee Temple University Electrical and Computer Engineering GR Scholarship
8 1312 JAEHO SHIN University of Virginia Mechanical engineering GR Scholarship
9 1268 Sook Ha Virginia Tech Bioinformatics GR Scholarship
10 1260 YoungHee Kim Caltech Geophysics GR Scholarship
11 1296 Seokho Chi The University of Texas at Austin Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Project Management) GR Scholarship
12 1175 HyangMi Moon University of California San Francisco Biomedical Sciences GR Scholarship
13 1304 Seungdae Oh Georgia Institute of Technology Environmental Engineering GR Scholarship
14 1231 EunSu Lee North Dakota State University Transportation and Logistics GR Scholarship
15 1273 Haemi Chung University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chemistry GR Scholarship

The award recipients and essays will be published in KSEA Letters in June 2010.

Jungho Kim
KSEA Scholarship Committee Chair

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