ANNOUNCEMENT OF KSEA 39TH (7/1/2010 ~ 6/30/2011) EC/DC MEMBERS

KSEA is pleased to announce new 39th Executive Committee (EC) and Directors Committee (DC) members efective on July 1, 2010.

Position Name Committee Affiliation
39th President Jae Hoon Kim (Seattle, WA) EC/DC Boeing
President-elect (PE) Hosin David Lee (Iowa City) EC/DC University of Iowa
Vice President (VP1) Jane Oh (S.CA) EC/DC JPL
Vice President (VP2) Myung Jong Lee (NY Metro) EC/DC The City University of NY
Executive Director (ED) Jihie Kim (S.CA) EC/DC USC
Finance Director (FD) Hyung Min Michael Chung (S.CA) EC/DC California State University, Long Beach
General Director (GD) Sam Ryu (S. TX) EC/DC ExxonMobil
Technical Group Director (TGD) Taek Jin Kwon (NJ) EC/DC Telcordia Technologies
Publication Director (PD) Seong Gon Kong (Philadelphia) EC/DC Temple University
HQ Operation Director (HOD) Junho Cha (Seattle, WA) DC Physware
IT-Database (ITD) Hwajung Lee (S. VA) DC Radford University
Membership Director (MD1) Yongtaek Choi (New England) DC Sud-Chemie Inc.
Membership Director (MD2) Tom Oh (N. TX) DC RIT
Membership Director (MD3) Yoohwan Kim (Nevada) DC University of Nevada
YG Director (YGD1) Benjamin Lee (New England) DC Univ.of Michigan-Ann Arbor
YG Director (YGD2) Laurel Lee (New England) DC Harvard University
Publication Director? (PD2) Sung Woo Kim (NC) DC North Carolina State University
Publication Director? (PD3) Steve Lee (Sacramento) DC State of California

KSEA Council approved to appoint the following five directors to serve as 39th Executive Committee. (37 voted / approved out of 44 council members)

– Executive Director: Jihie Kim
– Finance Director: Hyung Min Michael Chung
– General Director: Sam Ryu
– Technical Group Director: Taek Jin Kwon
– Publication Director: Seong Gon Kong

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the out-going 38th President, Chueng-Ryong Ji, and 38th Executive Committee members for their invaluable contribution and efforts made for the improvement of KSEA. I thank all of you very much for your great supports for KSEA.


Jae Hoon Kim
KSEA 39th President