KSEA Members Directory Project

KSEA is very pleased to announce that the KSEA Members Directory Project has been just kicked off this month with the Press Conference on Oct 1.


The main purpose of this project is to achieve KSEA membership drive goals and expand the total database of KSEA. The Members Directory Project is also expected to benefit Korea by providing the valuable data of the highly-qualified human resources in the field of Science and Engineering  from U.S.


The Eligibility to be included in the KSEA Members Directory is as follows.

  •  Koreans or Korean-Americans whose current resident area is in U.S. 
  • Undergraduate students in the field of any Science, Engineering or Medical Studies
  • Graduate students (Masters, Doctorate) in the field of any Science, Engineering, or Medical Studies
  • Postdoctoral in the field of any Science, Engineering or Medical Studies
  • Professionals who work in the field of Science or Engineering, or Medical areas with Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees
  • Retirees from the field of Science, Engineering and Medical areas

The 1st Registration Period is 10/1/2010 ~ 12/31/2010 (3 months)

For the detailed information and registration, please visit the Members Directory website at https://hq.ksea.org/directory.
We look forward to your comments or suggestions for the Members Directory Project. Please send your feedback to sejong@ksea.org.


Best Regards,