“Deadline extended for Abstract Submission for UKC 2011”-?Drive and receive up to $300 plus up to $200 for lodging per eligible passenger for a trip to the World Famous Resort in Park City, Utah.

Dear Beloved KSEA members,

It is time to plan a summer vacation trip, yes to the Canyons resosrt in Park City, Utah.? The deadline for the abstract submission is around the corner and it is time to act to recieve up to $500 to Utah!? All you need is your picture and a pen to write one-page abstract for an oral or poster presentation using a template from the website You may use a picture of your experiment set-up to fill up one page easily (please use a small picture).? Your abstract with your picture will be printed in the proceedings and you do not need to submit a full paper.

Instead of flying, if you decide to drive to Utah, we will reimburse you at the rate of 20 cents per one-way travel distance in miles (Sorry, New Yorkers, up to 1500 miles) for each eligible passengers.? The proof of the driving a car is to submit a picture of your car (with the license plate showing) along with eligible passengers (ones whoes abstracts were acepted for oral or poster presentation) with a backdrop of the Canyons resort. You should also submit a googemap showing a shortest distance for reimbursement.

We have already received about one hundred abstracts and may not extend the deadline for another time.? So, do it NOW!

The program will be filled with exciting keynote presentations by noted scientists and engineers from the US and Korea including Nobel Laureate, Dr. Mario Capecchi, and noted Physicist, Dr. Philip Kim.? We look forward to your participation to continue the tradition of sharing technical excellence that transcends boundaries.

Abstracts can be submitted for presentation on the following website ( by April 10th, 2011. Please click on the link on this website to download the template to prepare your abstract.? Please note that the decisions regarding oral and poster presentations will be made by the program committee (i.e, authors need not designate whether the submitted abstract will be for oral or poster presentation).? Authors of the selected papers for oral and poster presentations will be notified by April 30, 2011.

Over a thousand of your friends, colleages, peers and the Nobel Laureate are looking forward to seeing you at the World’s Best Canyons Resort in Park City.

Thank you.

Hosin “David” Lee, Chairman
Sang-Dai Park, Co-Chairman
UKC 2011