The 40th birthday ceremony of KSEA was successfully held on Dec 10, 2011 at Tysons Corner Marriott, VA. 18 former KSEA presidents who made this milestone and many distinguished guests including Ambassador Han, Duk-soo and Delegate Susan Lee of State of Maryland attended this historic event.

There was a former presidents’ workshop on the future of KSEA before the ceremony to discuss the creation of KSEA foundation.

After the National Anthems, President Lee mentioned briefly the achievements of KSEA since the 40th administration. He shared a great news that, as of December 9, 1,590 new members joined KSEA, which is 253% increase compared to 627 new members recruited during the same period of the last year. He thanked local chapter presidents, technical group councilors and APS presidents, indicating without their exemplary leadership, it would not have been possible. President Lee also thanked directors and staff who also contributed to this success greatly and made KSEA a fun place to work.

At the ceremony, the newly established Woojin scholarship was officially announced. It was created with the seed money from the late 34th President Kwang-Hae Kane Kim and the additional funds coming from the president, eight former presidents and many other members including $5,000 from the 13th President Chan-Mo Park. A letter of appreciation has been presented to Dr. Chan-Mo Park at the ceremony.

In his congratulatory remarks, Ambassador Han, Duk-soo highly appreciated the KSEA members as true patriots for their contributions to the development of science and technology in Korea since it was in a serious poverty.

There was also a certificate presentation to 12 KEIT employees at the ceremony. They completed a week-long technical training program hosted by KSEA in conjunction with NIH, NAS-TRB, NSF, USPTO, and White House-OSTP. A red carpet photo shoot was performed at the end of the ceremony.

KSEA was created 40 years ago, on December 11, 1971 by 69 Korean-American Scientists and Engineers in Washington DC.

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Venue: Tysons Corner Marriott in Vienna, VA ( 8028 Leesburg Pike,Tysons Corner, VA 22182, USA)
Date and Time : December 10, 2011, 11:00 AM


9:00 AM KSEA Presidents’ Workshop
Coffee Break
Welcoming of Special Guests
11:00 AM Ceremony of 40th KSEA Anniversary
  • Opening Remarks by the KSEA President Hosin “David” Lee
  • Congratulatory Remarks by Ambassador Duk-soo Hahn of Korean Embassy
  • In memory of Dr. Kwang-Hae Kim, the 34th KSEA President
    and creation of Woojin Scholarship by Dr. Chan-Mo Park, the 13th KSEA President
  • Report from the History Committee by Yong-Nak Lee, the 10th KSEA President
  • Report of the KSEA Presidents’ Workshop
  • Special Toast by Dr. Sang Il Choi, the 7th KSEA President
12:00 PM Lunch served
Lunch speaker: Delegate SUsan Lee, House of Maryland