Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) has hosted a delegate from Sejong City, to be specific, Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency (MACCA), a government agency in charge of constructing Sejong City on Dec 10, 2012. The main purpose of the visit was to initiate a dialogue between the two organizations so that KSEA would be able to help the agency attracting major research institutes, industries, universities, etc. to Sejong City.

Representatives from KSEA included 41st Administration Vice President Dr. Byungkyu “Brian” Park (Associate Professor at University of Virginia), Dr. Chan-Mo Park (13th President, Chancellor of Pyongyang University of Science & Technology), Dr. Sungwon Lee (30th President, Professor at University of Maryland), and Dr. Kyung Sang Lee (Washington Metro Chapter President, Head of Chemistry Section at National Cancer Institute). The delegate from MACCA, Korea included Dr. Won-Sik Lee (Director General of Urban Planning Bureau), Mr. Sang-Dae Kwon (Head of Urban Strategy Division), Mr. Mincheol Song (Deputy Director of Urban Strategy Division), and Mr. Chul Hong (Deputy Director of Transportation Planning Division). Additional attendees from US included Mr. Inil Lee (Science Counselor at Korean Embassy), Dr. Young Hoon Kwak (Associate Professor at George Washington University), Dr. Gwanhoo Lee (Associate Professor at American University), Mr. Hyung Wook Choi (former Director from MACCA who currently studies at University of Virginia), and a reporter from Segye Ilbo.

The meeting started with a short presentation on the status of Sejong City given by Dr. Won-Sik Lee, and followed by a brief overview of KSEA given by Prof. Byungkyu Park. Discussions were mainly focused on sharing the examples of success stories that would help the delegate pursue developing strategies to make the City more attractive to foreign research institutes, universities and industries. These included the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, transportation systems such as Zip Car and/or bike sharing programs, organizational and operational structure of the US research Universities, etc.