KSEA Gainesville Florida Chapter (GFC) has been established on March 30 during the workshop held in New Physics Building of University of Florida, Gainesville.  The meeting was a great success.  More than 40 participants gathered for the half-day event from lunch to dinner banquet.  The workshop featured six presentations by the invited speakers including two guest speakers, Dr. Jong Park (Tampa Chapter) and Prof. Hyo-Joo Han (Georgia Chapter) and four University of Florida faculty members.  After a brief lunch together, the workshop began with the welcome remarks from KSEA President, Dr. Hyungmin Chung who joined the event remotely via internet.  Dr. Chung also answered many questions posed by the participants on KSEA activities.  His presence was greatly appreciated.

Two guest speakers offered a wonderful overview of KSEA and a detailed introduction on KSEA local chapters.  They made this trip to Gainesville despite many hours of driving. GFC would like to offer Dr. Park and Prof. Han sincere gratitude. Without their help and experience, GFC would have gone through a much more painful labor for its birth.


 The presentations by the local speakers aimed to provide a rough sketch on the academic activities at University of Florida.  Prof. Soonkyu Chung (Food Science and Human Nutrition), Prof. Yong Kyu Yoon (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Prof. Jae-Sung Kim (Surgery), and Prof. Yoonseok Lee (Physics) discussed their academic and research activities using a broad stroke to engage with the audience from varied disciplines.

Despite the rather long program, most of the participants showed their strong support to the end, the dinner banquet in a local Chinese restaurant.  Lively conversations among colleagues, and between the students and faculty members flourished during the banquet.  Many ideas on the organization and future programs were exchanged and proposed.   Most of the members agreed that the main activities of GFC should focus on promoting and nurturing young and upcoming scientists and engineers for their career.  The faculty council was formed with the four local speakers as interim councilors to lead the smooth launching of GFC.  Prof. Yoonseok Lee will act as interim president of the chapter.


Strong support and excitement from the participants were palpable.  GFC would like to thank all the participants and KSEA HQ for its strong encouragement and support for this event.