KSEA participated in the 16th World Korean Business Convention

Seong K. Mun
Professor, Virginia Tech
President of Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA)

KSEA had an opportunity to participate in the 16th World Korean Business Convention which was held on October 25-27 at Changwon Exhibition Convention Center in Korea. The convention serves as a platform for South Korean entrepreneurs and business professionals at home and abroad to broaden business networks. This year’s theme was “The Better Hansang, For Better Korea”. More than 3,000 Korean business professionals in and out of Korea attended this year’s event that included industrial exhibition, one-on-one business meetings, job fairs, training sessions and seminars on a number of specialty topics. Keynote speakers included the former United Nations Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, LG Electronics Vice Chairman Jo Seong-jin and Kakao Chief Executive Officer Lim Ji-hoon.

Upon recommendation of Professor Eun-Suk Seo, the President of KSEA, I had an honor of speaking at one of the seminar sessions dealing with the 4th Industrial Revolution. The session speakers included Professor Min-Ho Lee of Kyungbook National University on Artificial Intelligence, Profession Byung-June Yu of Seoul National University on New Business Platform and Business Strategy in Hyper-Connected Society, Deputy Director of Korean Energy Research Institute Jae-Ho Yoon on Eco-friendly R&D Strategy. I spoke on the Healthcare System in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The session concluded with a panel. Approximately several hundred participants attended the session. It was apparent that Koreans in general are very interested in the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the role of artificial intelligence in the future commerce and industry.

Changwon is a modern planned industrial mega city by combining smaller municipalities of Masan, Jinhae and surrounding areas. It is the heartland of Korean manufacturing industry and it is rapidly transforming itself as an engine for the 4th industrial revolution.