KSEA Southern California Report: Lee Joung Yoo, 46st Chapter President

Lee Joung Yoo
KSEA-SC Chapter President
Laboratory Director, Orange County Water District

28th Annual KSEA-SC Southwestern Regional Conference (SWRC)

March 24th, 2018 at Orange County Water District, Fountain Valley, California

This year, our theme for SWRC was “Promoting Health and Well-Being through Science and Technology”. Speakers included professors and research scientists from USC, UC Riverside, CSUF, CSULA, UCLA, Western Michigan University, and leading experts from LA Public Works, Orange County Water District, and Orange County Sanitation District.

For the plenary session, we had messages delivered form VIP guests including Consul Min from the Consulate General Office of Korea in Los Angeles who expressed their continuous support to our Mission, and Mr. Steven Moon of KSEA Silicon Valley Chapter who provided an introduction to the upcoming Professional Development Forum (PDF).

Three technical presentations were also included in the plenary session, with topics from global climate change, to biological and chemical sensors on personalized health (keynote presentation), and how health is affected by one’s perception.

A wonderful lunch was provided to all our guests, and during lunch a very educational talk on the science and engineering of beer making was presented by KSEA-SC Vice-President Dr. Park. Sample tasting was also available afterwards. After lunch, a walkthrough tour of Orange County Water District’s world renowned Groundwater Replenishment System was provided by the KSEA-SC President Lee Yoo to all the attendees. After the tour, guests were given the opportunity to taste the final product water that originally comes from the Orange County Sanitation District as treated wastewater.


During the PM session, two tracks were offered, one focusing on Life Sciences and the other track focusing on Engineering and Technology.  Each track had 4 presenters, with a diverse group of speakers presenting on topics such as:

  1. Life Sciences Track: biodegradation of chemicals, occurrence/removal of antibiotics in water treatment, mechanism of pathogenesis of fungi, and new and rapid methods
  2. Machine learning, water purification technologies, smart and safe transportation, and computed imaging in the Engineering and Technology session.

All the presentations were outstanding and were very well received by the audience. All technical speakers were presented with a plaque recognizing each individual for their contribution to our community and conference

Ready for a hard hat tour for world’s largest and most celebrated water reuse facility. The facility was recently listed for Guinness world record making 1 million gallon of drinking water from wastewater in 24 hours on February 16, 2018

 GWRS tour provided tasting of the final product water treated by membranes and UV systems.


After the PM session, a networking session was facilitated by our Young Generation staff. To start off the session, a fun and engaging personality test was administered to all, and grouped by similar and dissimilar traits. There were several activities including a ‘create your own superhero’.

The guest count for SWRC is 73 (including speakers and staff), and we are confident that the event was a success from the remarks received by our attendees, staff, and from nearly 100% retention of our guests throughout the entire conference.

The closing session included acknowledgement of all KSEA-SC staff involved in preparing for the successful SWRC, and two dozen prizes were raffled off. Afterwards, we celebrated and continued our networking at a local pizza joint where we socialized over delicious pizza and beer, and cheering for Korea’s women curling team as they took silver!

The end of the conference everyone had a shoulder massage from happy participants. Then a raffle drawing and a pizza party at the first class pizza in Fountain Valley, CA


Impacts & Effects of the Event

Every year, the Korean-American Scientist Association Southwestern Regional Conference (KSEA-SWRC) is well known for featuring top professionals and experts from industry, academia, and government agencies to promote open collaboration and education of the global scientific and technological advancements to make the world better and to create opportunities for the next generation by establishing networks and open communication among talented scientists and engineers globally in the United States and Korea.

This year, our SWRC provided a forum for professionals and students (both Korean and Non-Koreans) to learn about current research occurring in their respective fields, at the same time being introduced to research occurring in other disciplines. Thus, this year was truly a conference of diversity and significance that covered so many ways in which our scientists and experts are improving our communities through science and technology. Equally important, SWRC provided a platform for students to interact with each other and professionals, as well as hear of upcoming professional/leadership development and collaborative opportunities (e.g. Professional Development Forum, United Stated and Korean Conference). As more than half of our attendees were either undergraduate or graduate students, we believe that we successfully achieved this objective of our conference.