Global YG S&T Leadership Program by KOFST and KSEA

KSEA and KOFST co-hosted the 1st Global Young Generation S&T Leadership Training program during UKC 2018 in New York. 17 graduate students and postdoc from Korea participated program.

Several KSEA NY Metro chapter members including Jaewon Kang, Seogjoo Jang, Eonsoo Lee, Minsuk Kang, Ohbong Kwon, Tae-Mun Chung, Chun-Tak Kwon, Junhwan Bae, Chang-Yong Nam and others prepared the programs for several months and worked as organizers and mentors.

The training programs over 7 days included PPPL and Princeton University Tour, Cold Spring Harbor Lab Tour, Brookhaven National Laboratory Tour, Young Scientists and Engineers Leadership Workshop and UKC 2018 participation.

The leadership workshop programs led by Dr. Seogjoo Jang, Jaewon Kang and Eonsoo Lee focused on career opportunities and development in the US. All 17 participants were actively engaged in the UKC 2018 programs and 5 participants received poster awards.

Based on the success of this year, KSEA and KOFST plans to expand this global YG training program with students from Korea at UKC 2019 in Chicago.