Call for Participation for YGF (College / Undergraduate Students) Funded Trip to Korea; Deadline February 17th


Dear KSEA Members, 


We at KSEA are very pleased to announce the 2019 Young Professional Forum (YPF) program to be held from July 1 to July 7, 2019, in Seoul, South Korea. Each year since 2002, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) have been hosting the Young Generation / Young Professional Forum by bringing young Korean Heritage scientists and engineers from all over the world to Korea. The goal is to share the Korean vision of science and technology around the world.



·        Trip to Korea includes hotel, meals, and activities

·        Airfare support to Korea

·        Opportunity for global networking with scientists and engineers

·        Attend lectures by industry leaders

·        Heritage and cultural tours

·        Once-in-a-lifetime experience


This year, from July 1st to July 7th, the Korea Federation of Korean Industries will host 80 Korean youth scientists and engineers from the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, and 40 Korean young scientists and engineers in Seoul Korea. We will be sending 17 students from KSEA.


The YGF is a global leader in building a global community of domestic and foreign experts around high-tech science and technology, and facilitating the exchange of ideas between them. The Korean Federation also seeks to promote the ethnic bonds between students from ethnic Korean students from across the world.


Program Summary 



Monday, 7/1

Registration & hotel check-in, ice breaking, opening ceremony, welcome keynote speech, group discussion sessions, special lectures, welcome dinner

Tuesday, 7/2

Group discussion sessions by various majors, presentation on the group discussion results by topics and by majors, science and technology visit

Wednesday, 7/3

Presentation on science and technology visit, YPF-YGF networking, academia and industry mentoring session, Pangyo Techno Valley tour

Thursday, 7/4

Attend Korea Science and Technology Annual Meeting (opening ceremony, keynote speech, symposium, award ceremony, welcome dinner etc.)

Friday, 7/5

Industry tour at Hyundai Motors Ulsan factory and POSCO, heritage and cultural tour at Bulguksa Temple

Saturday, 7/6

Heritage and cultural tour at Seokgulam and Gyeongju Museum, YGF review, awards and closing ceremony, farewell dinner

Sunday, 7/7

Hotel check-out & dismissal

* program is subject to change



Eligibility and Criteria

1.       Undergraduates students in STEM*:

a.       Enrolled in science and technology-related departments

2.       Born on or after 1989.1.1

3.       Able to commit to attendance by March 1st, 2019

4.       Able to communicate in English and Korean

5.       US Citizens or Permanent residents (with verification of US Passport or US Permanent Resident card)

6.       Have not attended a prior YGF


Note: Additional consideration will be provided for socially disadvantaged (orphans, single parents, adoptees, etc.)

* There will be a separate program for graduate students (Young Professional Forum)



Application (you must complete all three parts)

1.       Sign-up for or renew your KSEA membership at the KSEA membership page

a.       $0 for undergraduates

b.      Membership term is valid until June 30th

c.       Please take note of your KSEA membership ID number (you will need it for the application)

2.       Fill out and submit the YGF Application

3.       Submit proof of legal US Residency to YG Committee Dropbox

a.       US Passport, US Green Card, US Permanent Resident card –

                                                               i.      Social security cards, driver’s licenses, state ID cards, and bank statements are NOT valid proofs of legal residency.

b.      To help us match your file with your application, please name your file:

                                                               i.      LastName_Firstname_Birthyear.ext (example: Doe_John_1989.pdf)




Deadline: February 17th 2019, 11:59pm PT




Please review the FAQ below for additional information. Please write with questions,






John Lee

2019 KSEA YPF and YGF Co-Chair


Yun Choe

2019 KSEA YPF and YGF Co-Chair


Dennis Cha

2019 KSEA YPF and YGF Committee Member




Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Questions

Q: I will be graduating this May or June. Am I still eligible?
A: Yes, you are eligible.


Q: I am a graduate student – can I still apply?

A: Graduate students are not eligible to apply to YGF. Instead, please refer to announcement regarding Young Professional Forum (YPF).


Q: I am a young professional (i.e. non-student); can I still apply?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: I have attended school in the US, but I am not a citizen nor a permanent resident. May I still apply?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: I am not a US Citizen / Permanent Resident. Can I still apply?
A: KSEA is only in charge of the US applicants. Other countries (e.g. Canada) must apply through their sponsoring organization.

Q: Do I need to be active in KSEA, or a current member?
A: YES. The only requirement is that you are a paid/registered member of KSEA at the time of application.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the eligibility requirements?
A: No, unfortunately not.


Application Questions

Q: Is a copy and paste from an unofficial transcript OK for the application?
A: Yes, it is. However, all information on your application may be subject to verification.

Q: What are the criteria for judging applicants?
A: The admissions process is holistic. We are looking for three things: academic achievement, leadership achievement and/or interesting experiences. It isn’t necessary to show achievement in all three aspects, but please try to show positive attributes in at least one of these aspects. Also, as this is an intense networking forum, we want to see that you can handle long days that are full of meeting many new and very interesting people, sightseeing, and working on team building exercises.

Q: What should I do if my summer plans are unknown?
A: Unfortunately, you will need to determine your summer plans before applying. We highly discourage people from canceling as KOFST does not wait-list candidates and cancellations reduce the number of spots accepted from the U.S. the following year. On the other hand, you may submit your application, and can let us know by the application deadline if you still would like to attend.

Q: Are there any other special considerations?
A: Yes, KOFST encourages socially disadvantaged students to apply, such as being an adoptee, an orphan, from a single parent family, etc. There is a place in the application to indicate this.

Q: What does it mean to be a finalist versus getting the final notification from KOFST?
A: Finalist means that you were nominated by KSEA to attend, and are likely to attend. However, final acceptance is pending review by the KOFST, usually by the end of April.

Program Questions

Q: Is the trip really covered?!
A: Yes, food and lodging is fully covered by KOFST at no expense to you. You will have to purchase your own flight tickets and will be reimbursed after the conference, up to $1,400 (West Coast), $1,500 (Middle), and $1,600 (East Coast), for round-trip. Your location (west, middle, or east) is determined by the address listed on your application.


Q: What if my round-trip flight costs more than the allocated amount (listed above)?
A: Unfortunately, summertime flights to Korea are expensive and the reimbursement amount might not cover the entire amount. Attendees are expected to cover the difference, but we hope that the free lodging, free meals, and the flight reimbursement (plus the experience!) offsets any major financial burden.

Q: Can I arrive earlier or leave later than the YGF program dates?
A: Yes, we encourage participants to arrive early or stay later for further sightseeing, family visits, or post-forum meet-ups with your new YGF friends depending on your schedule. You may purchase your airplane ticket to accommodate this extended schedule. However rooming and meals outside of the YGF program will be on your own. You may coordinate with your fellow US attendees via Facebook group or email once accepted.

Q: What is the purpose of this trip?
A: The goal of this program is to increase collaboration and create networks between promising young students from around the world. The idea is to start an intellectual / cultural exchange, and to help promote ties between ethnic-Koreans around the world as the future global leaders.