UNIST Presidential Search 2019

◎ UNIST was founded in order to train advanced science and technology experts who will play a leading role in innovating advanced science and technology of the Republic of Korea and developing technology and knowledge for regional industries. UNIST contributes to national science and technology development by promoting cooperative research with industry and the exchange of education and research with foreign countries.

◎ As the 10th anniversary for the institute/12th anniversary of its establishment, UNIST is growing into a world-focused university specializing in science and technology. UNIST seeks a qualified individual for the position of university president with leadership and vision to lead the school into a world-leading university of science and technology contributing to human life.


□ Qualifications

– One with personality and ability to manage administrative affairs and faculty on behalf of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

– One who has administrative and practical ability to develop Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology as a world-class research center

– One for whom none of the conditions in Article 20 are applicable

Article 20(Reasons for Disqualification of Committee board) Any person who falls under any of the following subparagraphs shall be excluded from the appointment of executives of UNIST

1. A person of incompetency or quasi-incompetency; or a bankrupt who has not been reinstated.

2. A person who is sentenced to imprisonment without labor or a heavier punishment, and three years have not elapsed after the expiration of the execution of such imprisonment or determination to execute such imprisonment

3. A person who was sentenced by the suspension of the execution of imprisonment without labor or a heavier punishment and for whom one year have not elapsed since the period of suspension expired

4. A person who is under a suspended sentence of imprisonment without labor or a heavier punishment as declared by a court

5. A person who was dismissed by a decree, and for whom two years have not elapsed thereafter


□ Required documents

– The completed Application form (Download it from the UNIST website).

– A letter of self-introduction (Less than 3 pages (A4 size), free-form)

– Development and management plan for UNIST

(Less than 5 pages (A4 size)/ free-form)

– The completed Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement      (Download it from the UNIST website)

– Pre-Questionnaire for Applicants (Download it from the UNIST website)

Deadline: Applications must be received no later than 18:00, 24th, July, 2019

□ Submit documents directly to UNIST, by post, or by e-mail

□ Reception

– (Address): (44919) 50, Office of UNIST board (Bldg.201 #406), UNIST-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

– (e-mail) unistboard@unist.ac.kr

□ Additional Information  

– Applications sent by post must arrive before the deadline.

– We guarantee the confidentiality of submitted documents. None of the submitted documents will be returned.

– If the details on the application are different from the fact, the appointment can be cancelled.

– For further information, please contact the office of UNIST Board.

(Tel) +82 52 217 1144               (Fax) +82 52 217 1140

(Homepage) www.unist.ac.kr      (E-mail) unistboard@unist.ac.kr