Condolences to the victims and families from the hate crime in Atlanta

Dear KSEA members,


We are deeply saddened by the tragedy happened a few days ago this week. On Tuesday, March 16, 8 individuals were killed in Atlanta, Georgia — six of whom were Asians and Asian Americans and seven of whom were women. As details continue to be released, we have also learned that four of these women have been identified as Koreans.

KSEA sends our condolences to the victims and families of the victims. We recognize that this devastating tragedy is part of a larger disturbing trend of hate against Asians and Asian-Americans due to scapegoating rhetoric around COVID-19 (which is part of a larger narrative of the racialized history of Asians in the US).

From March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021 the organization “Stop AAPI Hate” has documented over 3,795 incidences of harassment or violence towards Asians and Asian Americans. Hate, in any form, cannot be tolerated.

As KSEA, we are calling upon all communities to stand together in solidarity against all forms of hate and violence, especially considering the relationships between race, gender, class and immigration, to collectively create a safer community for everyone.

We do not share any links for donating money for the victims and families of the victims; however, if you are interested, you can easily find ways to support them, such as GoFundMe, etc.

Stay safe and healthy.


Soolyeon Cho
President of KSEA