Call for 2021 KSEA Nominations

Dear KSEA members,

It is again the time for nominations of various KSEA positions including the President, Vice Presidents, Auditors, Councilors, and Committee members.

Detailed openings can be found from the attached vacancy list.

You may nominate others or yourself. Nominees must be a KSEA member who already paid the 49th KSEA (2020-2021) membership due.

Please fill out the attached nomination form for each position and forward it to as soon as possible but no later than July 1, 2021.

The nomination committee will submit the list of recommended candidates to the President and the Council as specified in the KSEA Policy.

Thank you for your support.

Jun-Seok Oh
Nomination Committee

Soolyeon Cho
President of KSEA