2021 KSEA Honors and Awards Winners Announcement

2021 KSEA Honor Recipient

     Distinguished Sponsor Membership

Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT)



The Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) has made exceptional contributions to the financial well-being of UKC and KSEA since 2013. Its total contribution amount is one of the highest among the recent sponsors. KEIT’s sponsorship with great enthusiasm is highly recognized. KEIT(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology) is a research supporting institute under MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy). “KEIT focuses on being a facilitator, leads frontier technology and makes the world better with the development of technology”


2021 KSEA Awards Recipients


Outstanding Contribution to KSEA Award (presented by KSEA and MSIP)
Dr. Kang-Wook Lee, IBM Research Division (retired)


Dr. Lee has an excellent industrial career, worked for 30 years at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY (1988-2018). He received Ph.D. in Chemistry, Rutgers Univ, NJ (1982), and B.S. College of Engineering, Seoul National Univ (1974). He also worked at Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1983-1986) and Univ of Massachusetts at Amherst (1986-1987) as a postdoctoral fellow.

His R&D contributions at IBM are well recognized nationally and internationally.  He received three IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, ten IBM Invention Achievement Awards, and two IBM Research Division Awards. He played key roles in developing flip chip interconnection and TFT-LCD technologies at IBM. He also conducted fundamental research in polymer science and surface chemistry. During his tenure as KSEA president (37th) and president-elect, he played critical roles in securing a significant amount of fund for KSEA. He successfully organized UKC 2008 in San Diego, CA with full support of the local Chapter. He initiated KSEA Handbook publication in English during his admin and helped revising during the subsequent admins. He also facilitated significant increase in general membership by   promoting the formation of affiliated professional societies. He also contributed to a few other developments and improvements such as e-voting, a two VP system, formation of Directors Committee, and publication of full color KSEA Letters.

Dr. Lee provided an exemplary leadership role as a committee chair in many committee activities including Fund Management Comm, Honors & Awards Comm, and Election Comm. As Chapter president, he successfully organized the first KMSO (Math & Science Olympiad) in 1994 in NY Metro area. This event became further developed to National Math Contest (NMC) in 2002, and later to National Math & Science Contests (NMSC) in 2007. Dr. Lee has served as a KSEA member for 39 years. His passionate service for KSEA is well recognized in obtaining remarkably high KSEA service points.


Scientist of the Year Award (presented jointly by KSEA and KOFST)
Prof. Hongkun Park, Harvard University


Dr. Hongkun Park is Mark Hyman Jr. Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics at Harvard University. He received his B.S. in Chemistry (’90) from Seoul National University and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University (’96). Before joining Harvard University as an Assistant Professor in 1999, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. At Harvard University, he was promoted to John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Natural Sciences in 2003 and Full professor in 2004.

Professor Park’s current research is centered on three main areas; fundamental studies of nanoscale electrical, optical, and plasmonic devices that operate based upon quantum mechanical principles, development of new nano- and microelectronic tools that can interface with living cells, cell networks, and organisms, and quantum sensing based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamonds. He is a pioneer in single-molecule electronics, quantum optoelectronics, and nano-bio interfaces. Professor Park is a highly renowned researcher and educator. He published over 120 highly cited journal papers (h-index: 80), including 12 in Nature, 9 in Science, 4 in Cell, and 11 in Nature sister Journals. He received the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship from the US Department of Defense in 2016, NIH Director’s Pioneer Award in 2008, Ho-Am Prize for Science in 2003, and many other awards. He advised over 50 doctoral and postdoctoral trainees to date, more than 30 of whom went on to take positions at premier academic institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. He has served as an Associate Editor of Nano Letters and a member of the scientific advisory board of many companies.

Professor Park has contributed to KSEA for several years, including a plenary talk at UKC 2017, KSEA STI Forum in 2016, and UKC/WCSE in 2002.


Entrepreneur of the Year Award (presented jointly by KSEA and Maeil Business Newspaper)
Dr. Jong Sung Koh, President & CEO of Genosco Inc.


Dr. Jong Sung Koh is the Chief Executive Officer of Genosco Inc., a Boston-based clinical stage biotechnology company. He has over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, during which his work has led to identification, development and approval of multiple drug candidates for the treatment of cancer and diabetes.

His most notable achievements include the development of Zemiglo and Lazertinib. Zemiglo has been highly successful, now being developed over 23 countries in partnership with Sanofi, and is the top selling made-in-Korea drug with an annual sale of over $100 million in Korea. During his current role at Genosco, he led the discovery of Lazertinib, a novel drug approved by KFDA for the treatment of lung cancer. The approval of Lazertinib in 2021 made him the only scientist who discovered 2 KFDA approval drugs (Zemiglo as the 19th and Lazertinib as the 31st novel drug) in Korea’s novel drug discovery history. Lazertinib was discovered by Genosco and developed in collaboration with Oscotec and Yuhan and valued up to $1.25 billion when it was licensed out to Janssen in 2018. Lazertinib is in Phase 3 global trials and believed to have a very high potential to become a global blockbuster drug.

He earned his B.S. in Chemistry Education (’79) from Seoul National University, M.S. (’81) from KAIST, and Ph.D. (’91) in Bio-organic chemistry from Caltech. Prior to joining Genosco, he was the Head of the Anti-cancer Research Center at KRICT and vice president at LG life science. He also served as senior research associate at The Scripps Research Institute and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. Additionally, he founded the Korean American Bio Industrial Council (KABIC), a non-profit organization headquartered in Boston in 2011. KABIC becomes a main network hub for Korean and Korea-American healthcare professionals and enterprises. He has also been a member of KSEA since 2009 and its Scholarship Committee in 2014-2017.


Outstanding Chapter and Chapter President Award

Chicagoland Chapter and Mr. Seungwon Chung, AbbVie, North Chicago, Illinois


The Chicagoland chapter has been the center of KSEA’s operation for a long time and has participated in many of the KSEA’s national programs. For example, the Chicagoland chapter successfully hosted the UKC 2019 in Chicago with over 1,000 attendees. Mr. Seungwon Chung as Chapter President (CP) has diligently carried out many activities for the Chicagoland chapter despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the completion and wrap-up of UKC 2019 in Chicago, CP Chung continued the KSEA-CHI Mentoring Program for the high school students, and successfully completed the on-line science camp (4 – 10th grade students), which was attended by more than 50 students. Chicagoland chapter currently holds 80% of the pre-pandemic membership level, which demonstrates that the CP and the chapter leadership’s efforts to maintain their membership. Another example may be seen in the last National Mathematics and Science Competition (NMSC) held in December 2020, where many students participated from neighboring areas. CP Chung and the leadership of the chapter generously decided to take all those students into the Chicagoland chapter, so that they would be able to take the exam and complete the event. In addition, the Chicagoland chapter organized an annual career day to help local under/graduate students with career development.  This event was organized in collaboration with other professional societies and local Korean organizations.

Mr. Chung received his B.S. in Chemistry from Korea University and organometallic/organic chemistry M.S. degrees from Korea University and Marquette University. He started his medicinal chemist career in 2007 at Pfizer. He promoted to senior scientist as conducting outsourcing chemistry and pharmaceutical science for medicinal chemistry. After 8 years, he decided to move to AbbVie for better role toward a medicinal chemistry. Since he joined the AbbVie, he contributed anti-aging projects which needed broad spectrum of knowledge. When he started new role at AbbVie, he joined the Chicagoland Chapter to support the activities. Since 2016, he conducted two KSEA NMSCs, open seminars, year-end party, and continuously support local graduate students from Northwestern, University of Chicago, University of Illinois in Chicago, and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Lastly, he was the main volunteer for the 2019 UKC. Mr. Chung has been a member of KSEA since 2008 and he is serving as a Technical group F councilor.


Young Generation Leadership Award

Mr. Hyeonki Jeong, PhD. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA


Mr. Jeong is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA since 2018. He received his BS in 2016, and his MS from Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech, in 2018. Mr. Jeong has provided an outstanding YG leadership and many voluntary services for KSEA admins for the last 5 years through various positions: Georgia KSEA YG chapter president (2017), YGTLC (Young Generation Technical Leadership Conference, Ygnite) Organizer (2018), UKC2019 YGPF Organizer, YGTLC team leader organizer (2019), YGTLC Co-Chair (2020), YGTLC Chair (2021), and YG Director in the 49th admin. Under his leadership, YGTLC2021 achieved unprecedented milestones, including implementation of the successful virtual conference with successful fundraising from corporate and individuals. This is a remarkable contribution for the 1st virtual networking in COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Mr. Jeong demonstrated his leadership and commitment to nurture the next generation of leaders within YG.