President’s Message

Soolyeon Cho, Ph.D. | 49th President


Soolyeon Cho_President


Dear KSEA members and supporters,


It is my great honor and privilege to serve as the 49th president of KSEA. I would like to thank our founders, former leaders, members, and volunteers for all their efforts in making KSEA one of the nation’s premier non-profit organizations representing Koreans and Korean-Americans. Due to the immense support and dedication of KSEA members, our organization has grown vastly while remaining uniquely focused on its vision and mission.


This is a very challenging and ambiguous time due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19. These are unprecedented circumstances that affect all our daily lives. We have all experienced loss and suffering, whether it be with regards to businesses, organizations, coworkers, friends, family, or health. In the face of adversity, an opportunity is offered for our organization, and its members, to make a difference in this world by using ingenuity, creativity, science, technology, and more. In the midst of this uncertainty, KSEA plans to continue forging our legacy by focusing on the following two principles:


Communication: Monthly/bimonthly updates, in the form of an online newsletter, will be sent out on activities and efforts we are making to continue business as usual. The KSEA website will be continually updated to show accurate and up-to-date information for members. As we know, UKC 2020 has been postponed to December. NMSC, SEED, YGTLC (or Ygnite), and PDF are all events that have been brought into question as a result of COVID-19. Many people are curious as to what the format of these events will be—online, in-person, or hybrid—and while these options are still being discussed, monthly/bimonthly electronic newsletters and updates will keep members knowledgeable of our efforts. Any major changes will be announced through email and website updates.


Community Involvement: As we have done with our KSEA STEM User Created Content Contest (“My Video Story for STEM”) for grades 4-11, we will conduct special events to promote the future generation’s growth and enhancement. There will also be activities such as the KSEA Special Forum on COVID-19 to learn from professionals in various fields of study. This forum is vital in keeping our community involved and informed.


I would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts made by former President Jun-Seok Oh, EC/DC, and committee members and thank them for their service during the 48th term. They have done a tremendous job of upholding KSEA’s vision, mission, and legacy. Now, as president, I plan on continuing their work by strengthening inter-cooperation between Korea and the US by forming more extensive networks. I intend to emphasize the importance of supporting the young generation through various activities and leadership. Along with this, I will place further attention on the interdisciplinary aspects of KSEA’s programs and events to provide a more inclusive experience for members. During my time in KSEA, I have seen for myself the incredible power of volunteerism and professionalism within our organization and will continue to implement and improve this during the 49th term.


With these things in mind, I would like to ask for members’ understanding and patience during this time. The COVID-19 pandemic has been putting pressure on many businesses and non-profits, and KSEA is no different. As KSEA is a non-profit organization, the COVID-19 pandemic has had negative effects on KSEA’s financials. Therefore, we ask members for their cooperation and support to maintain the quality and excellence of KSEA.


Thank you for your continued commitment to KSEA, and I look forward to serving as KSEA’s 49th president.





Soolyeon Cho

49th President of KSEA