About Membership


Your Membership Status

  • Please update your address if changed and pay your membership dues if overdue.
  • Your membership dues support your chapter.
  • Call KSEA (or email to database@ksea.org) for spelling of your name and your ID if in doubt.

Membership Dues

  • Fiscal Year: July 1 - June 30
  • Regular Members: $35
  • Graduate Students: $15
  • Undergraduate Students: No Membership Fee
  • International/Korea Residents: $35

Join the Membership

  • Join or Renew KSEA Membership on the Web (http://www.ksea.org/join.aspx)
  • download the Membership Application Form (MS Word , PDF)and mail it to KSEA HQ

Member Benefits

  • Strictly limited to active members only (dues paid at least once within recent two administrations).

Other Materials

  • KSEA Membership Letter and Form
  • KSEA Membership Flyer
  • KSEA Coporate Membership Flyer
  • KSEA Coporate Membership Application Form


KSEA would like to provide each member with the latest, specific, and relevant information about consulting requests, project participation, funding deadlines, and job openings, etc. For instance, KSEA received a request from a major Korean electronics firm asking for advice from KSEA members specializing in telecommunications and digital imagery areas. Another large firm requested assistance from KSEA in locating speakers for a variety of occasions. We would like to offer opportunities such as these and others on a regular basis to the members.

However, we have run into a large number of returned mail and invalid e-mail addresses, preventing us from getting in contact with many members. We also list some members as students, who may have already received their advanced degrees. Moreover, we do not have updated information about your expertise.

KSEA wishes to reach all its members and provide effective and valuable service. In order to serve you better, we need your support:

  1. Please remit your dues.
  2. Please update your contact information.

Upon receiving your correct address and dues, KSEA will send each of you an easy-to-fill-out form to gather more data on your specialties and expertise.

Please allow five minutes to pay the membership due and update your contact information!

Thank you very much.

KSEA Membership Director