Technical Groups


Technical GroupNamePeriodAffiliationContacts
[Group : A] PhysicsTakjip Ha(7/17-6/20)Johns Hopkins University(O) 410-614-4039
[Group : B] ChemistryJong-In Hahm(7/17-6/20)Georgetown University(O) 202-687-5950
[Group : C] Mathematics, Geology, Meteorology, Statistics, OthersGrace Kim(7/17-6/20)University of California, Los Angeles(O) 310-794-8679
[Group : D] Biology, Botany, Zoology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic EngineeringHo-Wook Jun(7/18-6/21)University of Alabama at Birmingham(O) 205-996-6938
[Group : E] Agriculture, Ecology, Food, NutritionYoungmok Kim(7/17-6/20)Finlay Extracts & Ingredients USA, Inc.(O)401-522-5553
[Group : F] Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Physical EducationYoung-sup Yoon(7/17-6/20)Emory
[Group : G] Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Applied ChemistryHyunmin Yi(7/17-6/20)Tufts University(O) 617-627-2195
[Group : H] Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Naval ArchitectureChang Kyoung Choi(7/17-6/20)Michigan Tech(O)906-487-1463
[Group : I] Materials Science, Metallurgy, Mining EngineeringBurtrand L. Lee(7/18-6/21)Clemson University(O) 202-872-6254
[Group : J] Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental EngineeringChang Mo Kim(7/18-6/21)University of California, Davis(O) 530-304-8019
[Group : K] Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Communication EngineeringGon Namgoong(7/19-6/22)Old Dominion
[Group : L] Computer Science, Systems EngineeringEunjee Song(7/18-6/21)Baylor University(O) 254-710-1498
[Group : M] Industrial Engineering and Mgmt ScienceTBD(7/19-6/22)